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Medlemskab: DIY
Pris: DKK 269,00
Oprettelsesgebyr: DKK 149,00
DKK 0,00
Type: Løbende opkrævning
Betalingsmiddel: DIBS
Betalingsinterval: 1. Måned
Bindingsperiode: 0 Måned(er)
Opsigelsesfrist: Løbende måned + 1 Måned(er)

DIY is for you, who wants to train on your own with no instructor. The studio is open from 6 - 24, and you have the option of training in this period when there are no taught classes or other events in the studio.

For your first arrival in the studio, you will need to arrange a time to get your chip so you can enter the studio alone in the future. Write an email to to arrange a time to drop by.