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A Artsyoga Full Workshop

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Vare: A Artsyoga Full Workshop
Pris: DKK 500,00

Session 1: Bandhas work
Monday August 13. 17.30 - 19.30

Bandha is the deep internal advance practices of inner locks.

This workshop is designed to find, pay attention to, and sensations in, Bandhas with simply technique. You will learn about the secret that makes the body light and stabilize the flow of energy. The harmony of energy flow is essential for moving in difficult transitions in the practice.

We will work with jump back, jump forward and jump through and other floating transitions.

For all levels of practitioners.

Session 2: Things to do for Backbend
Tuesday August 14. 17.30 - 19.30

Our spines with bones and muscles are combined of strength and flexibility for efficient mobile ability. Learning the essential foundation is the healthy and safely key to increase flexibility while strengthening the muscles around the skeleton.

On this workshop you learn useful techniques and alignment for basic to advanced backward bending.

For all levels of practitioners.

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